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Follow and support GolfPDX’s campaign to be awarded a contract with Portland Parks & Recreation to manage the Eastside City municipal golf courses, beginning in late 2022.

The Rates Are Too Darn High!

“Portland’s fees are about average […] but future hikes could make Portland less competitive.” – Portland Golf Audit, 2019 One of the least enjoyable experiences for golf course guests and staff alike, is the start of “peak season.” No guest wants to be told that green fees went up from last year, and no pro…

Clubhouse to Nowhere

“Over several years, [Portland] Parks invested time, effort, and money into plans for a new, larger clubhouse with event space at the expense of maintaining the existing clubhouse at Heron Lakes or pursuing a less costly alternative such as a covered outdoor patio.” – 2019 City Golf Audit The above summary doesn’t quite do justice…

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